sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

De la pluma de otros

Se me acercó mi amigo Diego para ver si le quería poner en el blog algo que había escrito él. La idea me pareció bastante divertida, tiene cierto caché publicar las ideas de otros y además el artículo está bien escrito y el contenido tiene alguna congruencia con el estilo del blog (o la ausencia de estilo, más bien). El único problemilla es que viola mi regla autoimpuesta de que es un blog en castellano, pero al carajo. La nota biográfica: conozco a Diego desde hace tres años por HNMUN, estudia cuarto año de Derecho en la noche en la UCAB y trabaja en un escritorio pretencioso. Ahí va:

I Write (Pura vida mae)

Not constant enough to have a blog, nor committed enough to attend blog fans of the World, but very much in love with the idea of writing and expressing feelings and ideas, I devote this rainy morning to blurt out my thoughts in the hope that some blog owner, will accept them and publish them if he/she finds them interesting enough.

Lately I have changed the way I see life. I have changed the way I see the World and its surroundings. I have ran into a new idea of life, in which now I understand there is only one (life) so it must be lived to its full extent. In this world today, we find more enemies than allies, more tragedies than comedies, and it affects us all. However, it is imperative that we find a way out, a place where we find no worries no preoccupations, and really value the joys and pleasures that life brings to us.

I’ve tried to implement this ideas lately and decided to live new experiences, to try new things, to try and find the best side in people and leave prejudgements (if this is the correct way to say it)* aside. In that search I found a new adventure in a world I had never visited called Surf. Yes yes, at the risk of being mocked by all my friends, and giving new material to the “brolli commission” I started surfing. However, it is not an easy thing to do, and for some weird reason I decided that the best place to learn was Costa Rica ( what the hell was I thinking?). So I bought the ticket, got a surfboard, and went to CR, with a group of 20 other people who were already experienced surfers, except for one crazy cousin of mine, who decided to live this adventure with me.

Well, it was not a pretty picture I can tell you. After 20 liters of water down my lungs, cuts and scrapes all over my body, numb limbs and body parts and a pain in my chest which I believe are a couple of broken ribs, I still haven’t learned to surf (sucks huh?). But it doesn’t matter anyway, because I did get a couple of waves that felt like ecstasy, and more than that I had the time of my life. Not only that, I got to visit a different country, I saw beautiful beaches, met different people and learn the ways of a different culture that confirmed and supported my new idea of life: The culture of Pura Vida Mae. For some weird reason, the Costa Rica’n motto is Pura Vida Mae, and that is something that amazed me, because what better response to anything in the world than Pura Vida. So from now on, this is the life that Ive been trying to live, giving way to new feelings, new thoughts, new emotions, making me a happier and I believe better person, and making my life a whole lot easier to bear.

So to you blog readers of the world, this is the piece of advise I can give you: find your passions, have all the fun you can, live your life to the fullest, and ask yourselves this question:


Diego Pérez Ara.

* Nota de Igor: You were looking for preconceptions.

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Toto dijo...

And now that it is published DPA will kindly let me use the last line to concoct a post of me own!

Rol dijo...

Diego está en quinto,
coño no es que me perturbe la equivocación, pero es que coño si lo retrasas un año a él, tambien me retrasas unos a mí y ni de vaina.
un abrazo

Anónimo dijo...

Por que no:)